Not all educators are happy with the ways in which YouTube has changed.

  • Some claim that videos now are far more interactive and engaging, and
  • others say that the current way in which videos are presented is cluttered and encourages learners to 'go off task' and/or to 'show & tell' videos that have little if any relevance to education.

Both sides may be right to a certain degree, of course.  But if your position is the latter one - “I want my learners to watch the video and nothing else” - then Safe Share TV will make your day.

In principle, Safe Share TV will let users view and share YouTube videos in a very quick fashion. Cut and paste the YouTube URL, and a safe link will be generated.

The safe link omits distracting elements and dispenses with offensive videos that have a risk of cropping up in the “related” section if learners are watching the video on YouTube.

Although the service will be useful for a wide range of users, it is obvious that practitioners and parents/guardians are going to benefit the most by using it.

In their own words...

A better way to share YouTube videos without distracting recipients with unrelated and/or offensive videos.

The question for many , if YouTube is blocked in their learning environment,  is "Can these videos now be used?" Please let me know if they can!

Visit to try it out.