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Mountain Landscapes - Temples of the Earth

Including Images of... 

Mount Ararat - Turkey
Pico de Orizaba - Mexico
Denali (Mount McKinley) - Alaska, U.S.A.
Mount Wilson - Nevada, U.S.A.
Mount Kilimanjaro - Tanzania
Ailsa Craig - Scotland
Nevado Huaguruncho - Peru
Mount Temetiu - French Polynesia
Masada - Israel
Uluru (Ayers Rock) - Austrailia
Herdubreid - Iceland
Peitlerkofel - Italy
Mount Fuji - Japan
Mount Everest - China/Nepal
Cathederal Peak - South Africa
Atwell Peak - Canada
Lanin Volcano - Argentina/Chile

Philip Scott Johnson's Music choice always seems appropriate as well, and this time it is :"Ikindija" written and performed by Alma Nova from the album "After Hours"

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