There are many websites that let users submit text and have it translated there and then.

DocTranslator, however, does something different -

DocTranslator lets users have Microsoft Office documents translated, keeping the actual layout intact. Best of all - the whole service is provided FREE OF CHARGE from start to finish.

  • The translations are preformed using Google Translate, and
  • over 50 languages are supported.
  • The documents uploaded have no size limitations, and
  • users don't actually have to sign up in order to submit a document.
  • There is no installation process to speak of, either as the whole process is carried out on the Web using a browser.

Word and Excel documents and .txt files are fully supported.

DocTranslator is worth more than just a look if only because it can be used at no cost and there are not really that many inexpensive applications that can keep the layout of a document intact like DocTranslator does. It isn't foolproof but it is a good starting point if users are on a limited budget. This may well be a resource that learners, whose first language isn't English, could use to convert course resources into their preferred language.

Visit to find out more and/or to try it out.