Microsoft's Internet Explorer team, in association with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), has launched a new version of IE8 targeted towards young surfers.

This young person-friendly browser makes it easy for children to browse the Internet safely, protect their online identities and keeps them away from inappropriate websites.

The special version of IE8 has a CEOP Button; when users click on it, they're shown a mini CEOP webpage (see image above) with links that gives them information and advice on a given topic -

  • cyberbullying;
  • viruses;
  • harmful content;
  • hacking;
  • mobile problems; and
  • sexual behavior.

At the bottom, there are more links to help users get started based on the type of user.

More importantly, the CEOP button also allows parents to flag inappropriate websites and report to the authorities.

I personally have added the CEOP tools that are available as add-ons for Internet Explorer.
Those who don’t have IE8 installed can download the CEOP pre-installed IE8 installer.

Go to to find out more and/or to download the CEOP button for IE8.

This is a must, for Family Learning Practitioners, to highlight to parents, guardians, etc.