Are you or your learners interested to know just how much your personal carbon emissions are?

If so check out the BeGreen Carbon Calculator. This simple tools allows you to see your carbon footprint annually based from their comprehensive database of emission quantity which include...

  • vehicles;
  • electricity;
  • flight travel; and
  • natural gas.

To start using the calculator...

  • choose one of the options;
  • fill out the fields with your information - e.g. clicking the vehicle tab will ask users for the...
    • year;
    • make; and
    • model of their car as well as their annual miles (users can add as many cars as they like).
BeGreen automatically shows the carbon emissions in metric tons from the vehicles and shows emissions compared to the national average.
  • Complete the rest of the options to get the total annual emission.

Visit to try it out.

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